Mellow sous-vide machine

This Gadget Will Forever Change Dinner

Let’s be honest. Dinner is kind of a pain. You have to plan it, it takes time and energy, and after a long day of work, it’s the last thing most of us want to do. But what if you had a robotic sous-chef to help you out? That’s Mellow, the smart sous-vide cooking machine. [...]

iFrogz Tadpole Prank Competition

iFrogz Tadpole Prank Competition

July 9, 2014 – Today, ZAGG’s sister company, iFrogz teamed up with the popular YouTube personality and prankster, Andrew Hales, launching a prank video competition. Check out Andrew’s video here! This competition revolves around the Tadpole; a popular mini bluetooth speaker by iFrogz. Andrew Hales has used the iFrogz Tadpole to execute a few of [...]


YouTube Announces New Features to Enhance Video Awesomeness

YouTube isn’t playing around. Their CEO, Susan Wojcicki, stepped out in front of the VidCon to announce how the .com plans on becoming even more relevant—and useful—to businesses, international users, and regular contributors. Here’s a short and sweet breakdown of the enhancements you’ll see popping up on YouTube in the coming months: A virtual “tip [...]


Your GoPro Videos Will Never Be the Same with This

If you’ve always had high hopes for your GoPro videos but have never been quite satisfied with the shaky and amateur-looking results, you’ll want to check out the Hexo+, currently on KickStarter. This intelligent drone will help you make the epic GoPro videos you’ve always wanted: An easy, three-component system: the drone, a camera (optimized [...]


[Viral Video] Today’s Teenagers Get Confused about the Internet 20 Years Ago

In this week’s viral video, you get to kick back and watch teenagers of 2014 have a look at the Internet the rest of us grew up using. Remember Netscape? And the size of computers? And how long pages took to load? Ahhh. The good ol’ days. Enjoy. Also Check Out These Related Posts: Watch [...]


Capture Every (No, Really, Every) Moment with this Amazing Video Camera

Taking video is great. You can capture moments for a lifetime; relive your favorites; and share experiences with others from your viewpoint at a given place and time. But what about everything you miss? If you’re pointing your camera one way, you might miss the epic event that happened right behind you. This camera solves [...]


[Viral Video] Photographer Talks About What Went Into Shooting The Most Viewed Photo Of All Time

In 2001, Windows XP was all the rage on new PCs, and with it was what would become the most viewed photo of all time. Seen by more than one billion people around the world, the desktop background called ‘Bliss’ has a cool backstory. Was it generated by a computer? Was it Photoshopped? Was it [...]


Viral Video: Jeff Gordon Uses Hidden Cameras To Get Payback On Jalopnik Reporter

Last year, Jeff Gordon teamed up with Pepsi MAX to take a car salesman on the wild ride of his life. After the stunt, they released the video (watch it here) as part of an ad called “Test Drive.” Famed automotive website Jalopnik called the ad a fake, saying the entire thing was staged. Specifically, [...]


Samsung Shows Off Tizen Smartphone Prototype At MWC

While the big reveal for Samsung at Mobile World Congress this week was its new Galaxy S5 smartphone, the S5 wasn’t the only new device the company brought to the show. Off to the side, Samsung quietly put on display a prototype smartphone running Tizen OS, the company’s own home-brewed mobile operating system. While it [...]


Document Every Day Of Your Life With One-Second Videos Using This App

You know those videos where someone takes a picture of themselves once a day, every day, for like a year (or five years) and then mashes them all up into a video that results in a mesmerizing time lapse of how a person’s face changes over time? This app is like that concept, but instead [...]

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