Verizon will throw it’s weight in to help Windows Phone

I’ve made enough of a fuss about the fact that Verizon reps push Android phones. Now it’s time to talk about Verizon’s upcoming push for Windows phone. Weightier players Windows Phone handsets have struggled. They haven’t had nearly the sales that Microsoft was hoping for, even with Nokia backing the operating system full force. It [...]


Each US household receives about 850 pieces of junk mail per year. Stop it with this app

PaperKarma, founded by Seattle software developers Brendan Ribera and Sean Mortazavi, made a splash last month with their new mobile app touting the mantra ‘Kill Junk Mail, Save Trees’. The app is dead simple: snap a picture of your junk mail, and PaperKarma ensures that you don’t get any more of it. With annual estimated [...]


Microsoft Wants Seamlessness Between Bing, XBox, Windows Phones

During Black Friday I bravely delved in to the section of Walmart where employees and cops were throwing out copies of Xbox games to the crowd.  It was absolute pandemonium.  It struck me then just how popular video games were, especially the Xbox. Microsoft already knows this, of course, and are taking steps to seamlessly [...]

Will Skype Really Improve Microsoft?

Will Skype Really Improve Microsoft?

Now that Microsoft has officially bought Skype, what do they intend to do with it?  That is a question many people have been asking since the news broke on Tuesday.  Well, there are five possible uses being mention based on recent comments from Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.  Let’s examine them. 1. Skype can be used [...]


Check out Kindle Books from your local physical library

Well, it looks like your physical local library can renew its lease…at least for a little while. Today Amazon, the behemoth in content selling and distribution, has announced that it will be partnering with the content lending company, OverDrive to make Kindle books available for check out at 11,000 libraries nationwide. According to the official press release, [...]

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