What Does Your Snapchat Score Mean?

Snapchat is a relatively simple app, you take a picture and you send it—not much to it. Or is there?

If you’ve ever looked on your friends list, there’s a “HISCORE” displayed for each user. What is the mystical meaning behind these numbers?

Snapchat’s official website says that the score is a total number of Snapchats sent and received between friends.

Was it really that simple? I wanted to put these claims to the test. First, the lazy way. I Googled it, of course. There was a popular theory going around saying that each Snapchat is worth 12 points, and if you send three Snapchats in a row to the same person, the continuing pictures are 20 points each. A total with combos bonus points— much more complex than Snapchat’s official answer, but it appeared to be consensus on forums and answer sites.

So I took matters into my own hands. I sent a series of Snapchats back and forth between myself and fellow blogger Drew. I checked our updated “HISCORES” using snapchat.me/yourusernamehere (you can also check by clicking the users name on your friends list). After carefully tracking our totals I have come to this conclusion:

You get one point for sending a Snapchat. You get one point for recieving a Snapchat. Those point amounts do not change regardless of how many snaps you send or who you send them to. And if you send a Snapchat to more than one recipient, you still only get one point.

So there you have it, it really is just the total. My “HISCORE” is embarassingly high, what’s yours?


  • WrongScore

    “if you send a Snapchat to more than one recipient, you still only get one point.”
    this is not true … I did a little testing because I was trying to figure out why my boyfriend was snap-chatting so much in one day. So I sent a snap to 3 of my girlfriends and I got 3 points on my score. I sent another to 4 people and got another 4 points all before any of them responded. So you actually get a point per person you send to not just 1 point!!

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  • cnix98

    I’ve had this app for like a month there is no way I have sent and recived 4280 snaps

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  • harmen

    Can your score go up If you don’t use it and have taken it off your phone?

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  • nancydolxx

    A friend told me, when you send a snapchat and the friend opens it, you’ll have one point extra.
    lol my highscore is 39882

  • Muhammad Bilal Islam

    Ok it’s definitely not that simple because my sent and received scores don’t add up to my total score.

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  • Eiorre

    So it’s basically a dumb popularity game for people to take out their insecurities on.

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  • Jillbill

    Do you know for sure a snap chat must be opened to receive points?

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  • dude

    My score is higher than my combined sent and recivied totals, anyone know why? do you get points for screenshotting or something like that?

  • joedarkly13

    I have 27 friends on snapchat and when I Send one out I send it to my story and to my friends on there and when I check my score later I have 50 to 100 points that was added on…so I believe that u need tO send to ur story and to the friends on ur list to get more points….

  • Ron

    Why does it say that I have 44 pts when there’s no way that I’ve never even gone in go the app 44 times ? And does anyone open up a snapchat to only receive an advertisement ?

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  • ryrishh

    Your score is the sum of your ‘sent’ and ‘received’ snaps. Anybody here think to check snapchats’ website on this topic? -_-

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  • Haley Spooner

    Does your score change when you chat with someone?

  • Kira

    I have a friend on snapchat who deleted me (for what reason, I’m not sure), but she stopped using the app soon after. I still have her in my friends list, but her score goes up every now and then. Can someone’s score change if they don’t use the app? Oh, and I occasionally send her snaps, but they always come up as pending.