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Our YouTube Videos

Below are some videos ZAGG did for YouTube! Please give them a try, and comment/rate them.
Bulky Case Trying to Dock
Fact: Bulky cases make it difficult to dock and download. This video aired on CNN.

1,000,000 invisibleSHIELDs Sold - The Breakthrough
ZAGG has sold over one million invisibleSHIELDs, so to commemorate this breakthrough we drove the ZAGGbus broke through a wall of invisibleSHIELD boxes.

ZAGGbus at Snowbird
The ZAGGbus made its way to Snowbird, Utah for the last day of spring snowboarding and skiing! This is what went down...

ZAGGBus Adventures at WWDC O8 in San Francisco
Our crew drove the ZAGGBus from Salt Lake City to San Francisco to be at WWDC 08 for the announcement of the 3G iPhone. See the short diary.

iPhone 3G Announced
The 3G iPhone was announced by Steve Jobs in San Francisco at the WWDC.

iPhone Love
I simply love my iPhone. After having a horrible dream about dropping my iphone and getting it all scratched up, I decided I needed to do something about it.

A Parody of Apple's MacBook Air Commercial
A re-creation of the popular commercial by Apple, for the MacBook Air- with a little twist.

A Parody of Apple's iPod touch Commercial
None of the iPods were harmed in the making of this video since they are protected by the invisibleSHIELD™.

invisibleSHIELD™ Scratch Test - Weedwacker
The invisibleSHIELD™ is strong enough to withstand the speed and the force of a weedwacker.

invisibleSHIELD™ Strength Test - 1,000 lbs
1,000 lbs of weights isn't enough to break through a large piece of invisibleSHIELD™.

invisibleSHIELD™ Regeneration Test - 1,000 lbs
The invisibleSHIELD™ has a unique regenerative quality to it. This video shows the invisibleSHIELD™ regenerating after removing 1,000 lbs of weights.

invisibleSHIELD™ Strength Test - Bowling Ball
A bowling ball is dropped from various heights on a large piece of invisibleSHIELD™ demonstrating its durability and impact strength.

invisibleSHIELD™ Grip Test - iPhone on the Freeway
This video is a recreation of an actual customers experience of accidentally leaving his iPhone on top of his car before getting on the freeway. See the results!!