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ZAGG Invisible Shield Review

It’s great for protecting the iPod Touch without having any extra added thickness. I chose it so my iPod Touch could look great outside of a case without getting scratched

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Top 10 Cases for the HTC Touch Diamond2

InvisibleSHIELD’s are more than just a screen protector. Not only does it cover the front screen of the HTC Touch Diamond2, it also includes the same tough protective film for the back of your phone.

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Marketing perfection: ZAGG pits Apple iPhone vs. Palm Pre in sales promo

ZAGG, the maker of many gadgets and gadget accessories – most notably known for its amazingly awesome invisibleSHIELD gadget protection film – is demonstrating its savvy marketing genius.

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RedChip Announces Its Top 2009 Performers

RedChip's "Top Picks" -- stocks rated Buy or Strong Buy -- which have the highest returns over the last three to six months include ZAGG Inc....

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App Review: Trains by ZAGG Inc.

Trains by ZAGG Inc. is a fun game that tests your speed and ability to multi-task. The goal of the game is to direct the trains coming onto the screen through the station with the same color as the train and off again without running into another train.

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Trains for iPhone: For lovers of Flight Control, except with trains

You must tap the switches to create a route for each train through the cargo depot of the appropriate color, and safely off the screen. You can let trains pass through without dropping their cargo, but you won't earn any points.

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Review: Z.buds iPhone Headphones by ZAGG

The Z.buds are in-ear headphones that provide some outstanding sound quality and great hardware to go along with.

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InvisibleShield Review – Scratch Proof Your Gadgets!

If you’re looking for a good way of making your favourite hi-tech gadgets scratch-proof, then I’d definitely recommend you take a look at InvisibleShield.

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Is It Tough Enough? Make it Tougher With the InvisibleSHIELD

For most phones ... the more comprehensive kit is about $25. A relatively small price for a little more peace of mind when ensuring your most-essential communications device is not only ready for action, but also clean and pristine, whenever you use it.

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ZAGG Z.Buds earphones/headset: iPhone Accessory Review

If you are looking for an earphone/mic for your iPhone that sounds as good as it looks, check out the ZAGG Z.Buds. Price-wise, they fit right in that sweet spot between stock earbuds and the higher end earphones. If your budget limits you to less than $1

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