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Mobile gaming

iPhone Game Controller, Android Game Controller


The rules have changed, the equipment has been upgraded, and your experience will never be the same. The revolution in mobile gaming starts with iFrogz and the Caliber line of controllers.

iFrogz will change the way you interact with your games by delivering console-grade controls to your smartphone and tablet, letting you take your favorite games to a whole new level.


Studies suggest that next year there will be more than 141 million active mobile gamers in the US. Nearly half of these gamers will play games multiple times per day.

This translates into nearly 2 billion dollars in estimated revenue. That is a lot of games and a lot of money.


Gamers, dive into your new gaming experience with both hands. Enjoy the full view of your games and get back to comfortable, long-lasting, controller-grade dominance. iFrogz Caliber will take you there.


“It’s no secret that … mobile gaming leaves us wanting when it comes to physical controls. Fortunately … iFrogz is out to fill that void with the Caliber [line]…”

“How about an add-on that preserves the traditional handheld experience without occluding your beautiful touchscreen? Enter iFrogz, stage left, and their Caliber gaming peripheral. The Caliber adds a protective case with slide out controls … [that] includes 2-thumb sticks, a D-pad, and a quartet of familiar buttons. The controller can even sync to your [device] … and sports its own lithium battery.”
—Gadget Review

“The Caliber [line] combines case and gaming controllers into one collapsible. Swiveling package. You get two analog joysticks, a direction pad, triggers, and four buttons for all your gaming needs.”

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