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Trains is a fun, unique, and addictive strategy game. The game is played in a train yard where you are the engineer in charge of directing the various trains to their proper Cargo Stations and then out of the yard. As you direct the trains through the Cargo Stations, you are awarded points. Before a new train comes into the yard, you will see a yellow train crossing sign appear where the train will enter. This game requires quick thinking and strategy to be successful as more and more trains will enter the yard and travel at increasingly higher speeds. If any two trains cross paths and "Crash", the game is over. It's a fun game for competing with friends to see who can set the Highest Score! If you liked Flight Control, you will love Trains. Download Trains today!

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"So many of us are train addicts and have elaborate models we play with in our homes. Trains are fun for kids of all ages! I had the time of my life playing with Trains yesterday, switching tracks, breathing with relief as they dropped of their cargo and yelling in frustration when they exploded. That's how engaging you will find this colorful and realistic app. There are lots of details included. For instance, each color train has a different length and, therefore, the trains travel at varying speeds. the crossing signs on the tracks because this is where your train originates. Collisions are imminent, but only YOU can stop them! Jump on board Trains now for the ride of your life."

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