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Installation Walkthrough

What You’ll Need
  • InvisibleShield
  • Application Solution (included)
  • microfibre or lint-free cloth (included)
  • Squeegee (included)
Installation Time

5-10 min, depending on coverage

What You’ll Need
  • Make sure to turn your device all the way off before starting.
  • Spray your finger tips to avoid getting fingerprints on your InvisibleShield.
  • Squeegee from the center out


Turn your device all the way off and remove the battery if possible. Wash your hands (especially fingertips) thoroughly.

Getting Started

Make sure you have everything that came in the InvisibleShield packaging: the squeegee, spray bottle, microfiber cloth and InvisibleShield. Ensure you are using a clean surface and that your gadget is clean and free of fingerprints.


Step 1

Spray your fingertips with SHIELDspray before handling the InvisibleShield. This will ensure you don’t leave fingerprints on the InvisibleShield.


Step 2

Peel the InvisibleShield off its paper backing.


Step 3

Hold the InvisibleShield in your hand adhesive side up. Lightly spray the front and back sides of the InvisibleShield with SHIELDspray. Be sure to spray the InvisibleShield, NOT your device.


Step 4

Position the InvisibleShield on your device, adhesive side down, and slide into place.


Step 5

Using the included squeegee, push the excess moisture and any bubbles away from the center towards the edges, and away from any open or uncovered ports.

step5-1 step5-2

Step 6

Soak up any excess moisture wit ha lint-free cloth (recommended) or paper towel. Micro-bubbles and imperfections will work themselves out in two or three days.


We recommend letting your device sit overnight (12-24 hrs) before turning it back on. This will give the InvisibleShield time to set properly and allow any remaining SHIELDspray solution on your device to dry fully.

If you are not pleased with the results

You can easily reposition the InvisibleShield. Wet your fingertips again and pull up the InvisibleShield by the edges. Spray the adhesive side again and repeat steps 4-6.