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Installation Tips

From our professional installers

Make sure the area where you will do the installation is clean and well lit.

Make sure you wash and dry your hands well. This helps get rid of dirt and oil to keep your skin cleaner.

Plan Ahead

Look at the design and plan where all the pieces go before starting.


After peeling the skin from the backing, make sure to float it on top of the device until you have it positioned correctly before you start pushing it down from the center.


I like to use tweezers to place the small pieces so I don’t drop them or get my finger oil all over them. Plus, it’s a more exact placing method.

Large Surfaces

For larger surfaces, like a laptop or iPad, use a small cloth to push down from the center outwards. The smaller cloth helps the friction on your fingers.

Installation Order

Installing the back piece(s) of a LEATHERskin first can be helpful if you have not done it before. Installation flaws on the back of a device may not be as significant or noticeable as they would on the front, so you can use it as practice, or to better understand the installation process.