With Apple’s recent announcement, it made me pause and consider what people do or don’t do to protect their new devices, like the iPhone and iPad Pro. Did you know that 50% of people under the age of 35 will break their smartphone within the first 12 months? What’s even more surprising is that over $23.5 billion has been spent on smartphone repair in the US alone – almost half of that just on iPhones! You can read these and other interesting facts about screen protection in the infographic below.

What I’ve also considered is how far we’ve come with technology. What we can do with our devices is truly extraordinary and the future is only getting brighter. They’re everything from our personal assistants and social hubs to our lifelines to the rest of the world. But, as amazing as they are, they can be even better. As the leader in mobile accessories, ZAGG is constantly looking ahead to create exactly what you need. That’s how we got our start; from creating the first screen protection to launching one of the first keyboards for the iPad.

Now, Zagg provides not only the best-selling screen protection and keyboards, but innovative products for portable power, phone cases, and audio, as well. One of my favorite products that Zagg makes is the Pocket Keyboard. I carry this with me everywhere! It’s so slim and compact, I keep it in my suit coat or back pocket and take notes during meetings and catch up on email anywhere.

So, are you going to upgrade to the new iPhone? Go big with the iPad Pro? If so, I hope you consider Zagg and don’t become another statistic! We just launched Glass Luxe exclusively for the iPhone – full screen protection with a stylish design. We’ve also just announced a new line up of keyboards just for the iPad mini 4 and iPad Pro. Take a look at those and other accessories we’ve curated into special bundles just for these devices.

Until next time!

Randy Hales, CEO

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