Fashion Week Fall ’16 starts February 11th and with it, an influx of fashion-minded consumers, like you, will take over the streets of New York City. After hours of shows, running your shoes to their soles and your phone battery dry, you could use a quick, easy solution to help you keep up. ZAGG has some perfect products to help you survive the week without missing a beat. You don’t want to be that one person in the crowd who can’t Snapchat the show because your battery is dead. Read on to see how our products can help you survive one of the longest weeks of the year.

Is your phone about to die? Are you trying to capture all the newest trends as they come down the runway? Well, you shouldn’t have to worry about your phone’s battery dying, and that’s where the ZAGG Power Amp 6 comes in. Featuring a sleek design and the ability to get your phone up and running, the Power Amp 6 is the perfect accessory to keep you connected. This slim portable power bank fits discreetly into your purse or bag so you’ll never miss another fashion moment.

Fashion Week Female_resize

After the show, all you want to do is quickly jot down notes about what happened and get your review up as quick as possible. With ZAGG’s Pocket Keyboard you can stop anywhere to quickly type your thoughts. The keyboard connects via Bluetooth and is so small that it fits in your bag easily. You can even use it on the subway to work on the move!

While in NYC for Fashion Week, you’ll see everyone wearing earbuds to cancel out the buzz of the city.  ZAGG can help you stand out with our Chromatix Earbuds and Headphones, which come in fun, bright colors. They feature a magnetic storage clip to keep the cable in place, plus, you can also easily take a phone call using their built in mic.

So no matter where your Fashion Week takes you, you’ll want to have a bag ready in case you run into a tech emergency – but don’t worry, ZAGG has you covered!