Inspiration is fickle. There are plenty of self-help books that attempt to train you to channel your creativity at the perfect time you need it. More often than not you won’t get the flash of brilliance you’re looking for until you’re in a setting that’s not conducive to recording your ideas. It can be terribly frustrating. But there’s help.


Ever since Zagg created the first tablet keyboard, people have been enjoying the same natural, typing experience they are accustomed to on their laptops. This ease of typing and simple portability led to an unprecedented ability to capture sparks of inspiration in virtually any location. Well, we’ve raised the bar again.

Zagg is proud to announce that we’ve teamed up with Evernote to turn your tablet into the ultimate creative workspace. That’s right, our world-class keyboards now come with an offer for three months of Evernote Premium*. That’s three months of capturing your ideas no matter where they strike – even if you’re offline. Three months of uploading gigabytes of inspiring content that you can revisit anytime you want. Three months of getting even more from your tablet experience with Zagg + Evernote.

Never let a great idea slip through the cracks again. Check out our wide selection of keyboards and then enjoy your three-month trial of Evernote Premium. Happy creating.


*The Evernote Premium offer is available with all Zagg keyboards purchased at For keyboards purchased at retail locations, the offer is valid with select Folio Keyboards, Slim Book Keyboards, and Rugged Keyboards. Offer is not available for current Evernote Premium subscribers. Free trial must be activated within 30-days of purchase.