Mobile Accessories Built for the 5G Network

Preserve your fast 5G network speeds with our best-selling screen protection, portable power, and cases for Apple, Samsung, and more.

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5G Compatible Screen Protection

All InvisibleShield products are 5G compatible. They’ve been UL tested and verified to be compatible with all 5G ultra-wideband cellular signals in the U.S.

iPhone X and Apple Watch charging on a 3-in-1 wireless charging stand

5G Demands More Power

Faster 5G speeds means increased power usage. No need to worry. Wireless chargers and portable power banks from mophie help you stay powerful and fast.

Someone holding a phone with a Gear4 case

Phone Cases Designed for 5G

Great news! You get all the amazing drop protection you expect from Gear4 and 5G compatibility! All of our phone cases are compatible with 5G networks, so you don’t have to sacrifice strength or style to get great speed and clarity.

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