Pro Mouse

Qi-compatible, Wireless Charging Mouse

für Bluetooth tablets, iPad, Computers

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This is the Bluetooth mouse you’ve always wanted. It charges wirelessly on a Qi charging pad, it tracks on glass, and it pairs with three devices. Your keyboard just got a new best friend.
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This Is the Bluetooth Mouse You’ve Always Wanted

Imagine a Bluetooth mouse that doesn’t run out of battery. The Pro Mouse charges wirelessly while you’re away from your desk, so it’s always fully charged and ready to go when you need it. The Pro Mouse tracks on glass, making it perfect for meeting rooms, and it pairs with three devices. This is the mouse that goes everywhere with you, so you can be productive anywhere.

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The Pro Mouse comes with a wireless charger with USB-C port. When you step away from your desk, simply place the Pro Mouse on the wireless charger so you’re always charged and ready to go.

Tracks on Glass

The Pro Mouse tracks on multiple surfaces, so you can use it on a glass conference room table, for example, without a mouse pad.

Multi-pairing Functionality

The Pro Mouse can pair with up to three devices at once. Pair it with your tablet and your laptop, and toggle between the devices, simply by pressing the pairing button on the Pro Mouse.

Full-size Scroll Wheel with Adjustable DPI

The full-size scroll wheel on the Pro Mouse is easy to use. Pro Mouse even lets you adjust the DPI (how fast your cursor moves across the screen). It has a default 1000 DPI, but you can adjust it (800-1600 DPI) for faster or slower movement.

Wireless and Wired Charging Available

The Pro Mouse comes with a wireless charge pad, but you can also charge the Pro Mouse using the USB-C port. LED light lets you know when the Pro Mouse is charged and ready.


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Pro Mouse

89,99 €
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