power capsule

Contains a 1,400mAh internal battery charging case for earbuds and other wearables

for Headphones, Wearables

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Whether you are on the way to the gym or traveling, the power capsule is the perfect solution for those with active lifestyles who are always on-the-go. Contains a 1,400mAh internal battery travel case that keeps your wireless in-ear headphones, fitness trackers or other wearables charged and protected while safely packed away so they're ready for whatever is next.
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USB Charging Port

Connect your wireless earbuds or wearables for an extra charge using the included micro USB cable.

Priority+ Charging

Enables pass-through charging while connected to a power source. Your device recharges first, and then the power capsule battery recharges itself.

High-output Charging

Quickly charge your wireless earbuds, wearables or small devices with an output of 1.0A.

Compact Size

An powerful wireless earbuds charger packed into a small, protective case that fits into any gym bag, pack, or purse.

Ready when you need it

Whether you are on the way to the gym or traveling, the power capsule is an easy-to-carry travel case that charges in any scenario.

Power beyond boundaries

Contains a 1,400mAh internal battery that delivers up to an additional 60 hours*, giving you the power to do more. See additional hours broken down below.

Know before you go

Push the integrated LED power indicator button to display the charging status and current battery life of your power capsule.

Strong yet compact

A durable outer shell with soft-touch, rubberized finish provides protection against drops and falls while the soft, fabric interior keeps your device free from scratches and scuffs.


2 Year Warranty


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Contains a 1,400mAh internal battery

Product Manual

Product Manual

power capsule

€23.95 €39.95
Out of Stock