Bolt Compact

Powerful, compact and easy to use to jump start your car.

for All Cars, Trucks, Boats, Laptops, Smartphones, Gaming systems, TVs

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Powerful, compact and easy to use, the HALO BOLT COMPACT can safely jump start your car. In addition, you can use it to charge your phone, tablet or other electronic devices that contains a 44,400 mWh internal battery! The HALO BOLT COMPACT also features a convenient LED floodlight and two USB charging ports.
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Recharge and Restart On-the-Go

Dead car battery and a dead phone battery? Looks like you’re stuck. If only there was a portable way to charge your phone and car. Luckily, the HALO Bolt Compact exists! Featuring two USB ports for your devices and jumper cables for your car, the HALO Bolt Compact keeps you powered at home or on the road. Easy to use and extremely safe, the HALO Bolt Compact is a must-have in any roadside emergency kit. Need a light during a power outage or at night? HALO has you covered with a convenient LED floodlight.

Portable Car Jump Starter

The HALO Bolt can jump start a full-sized car or SUV. Whether you left your headlights on or are just being a good Samaritan, the HALO Bolt gets you back on the road in minutes.

Additional USB Ports

Charge more than just your vehicle with the two USB-A ports. Recharge your iPad on a long trip and keep the kids entertained. Or, recharge your AirPods and shut them out completely. Regardless, the HALO Bolt Compact keeps all your devices charged.

LED Flood Light

Don’t be left in the dark! The HALO Bolt Compact has a bright, LED floodlight built-in. It’s perfect for changing a tire on a dark road or for finding the pen at the bottom of your purse.

Easy to Use

Designed with built-in safety checks and easy-to-read indicator lights, the HALO Bolt Compact is easy to use. You’ll wish assembling furniture was this straightforward!

Built-In Safety Features

Featuring reverse polarity protection, short circuitry protection, and auto power off, the HALO Bolt Compact is designed to be safe. Jumper cables with spark protection keep you and your car from becoming a light show.


90 Day Warranty


6.1 x 3.3 x 1.4 in.


1.140000 lb

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Contains a 44400mWh internal battery


WARNING: Cancer & Reproductive Harm

Halo Bolt Compact
AC Wall Plug
Carrying Pouch
Charging Cable (Micro-USB Cable)
Jumper Cables

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Bolt Compact

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