powerstation all-in-one

Contains a 8,000mAh internal battery with built-in Apple Watch charger.

for Airpods Pro, AirPods, Apple Watch, iPhone

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The powerstation all-in-one truly has it all: wireless charging capability, an Apple Watch magnetic charger, USB-A port, and PD charging.
2 Year WarrantyWe warrant these products against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use for a period of 2 Years, as applicable, from the date of retail purchase by the original end-user consumer.

The Swiss Army Knife of Portable Chargers

On-the-go power just got an upgrade. The all-new, powerstation all-in-one offers charging for up to four devices and even includes an 18W USB-C PD port. With just a push of a button, this battery contains a 8,000 mAh internal battery and keeps your everyday devices from falling into the red. Easily charge your Apple Watch with the built-in magnetic watch charger or wirelessly charge a compatible Qi-enabled device. Charge your iPhone in record time with the USB-C PD port. No matter what you charge or where you charge, the powerstation all-in-one has you covered.

Reliable Battery

Contains a 8K internal battery providing up to 42 hours of power for when you need it most.*

Universal Wireless Charging

Wireless charging works on contact and can deliver a safe and efficient charge of up to 5W to your iPhone.

Charge Your iPhone Faster than Ever

The USB-C PD port offers up to 18W of power, so you can recharge your iPhone in record time and get up to 50% battery in just 30 min.

Versatile USB-C PD Port

Use the USB-C PD port to recharge the powerstation all-in-one, or use that same port to charge your iPhone.

Built-in Apple Watch Magnetic Charger

Charge your Apple Watch two ways! Charge it lying flat or flip up the magnetic watch charger to charge it in Nightstand Mode.

Charge up to 4 Devices

Charge multiple devices at once thanks to the built-in Apple Watch magnetic charger, wireless surface, USB-C port, and USB-A port.

Compact and Convenient

The lightweight, portable all-in-one powerstation fits easily in your bag.

Premium Design

Featuring a high-gloss top surface and metallic perimeter, the powerstation is stylish and functional.


2 Year Warranty


2.83 in x 6.48 in x 0.7 in (72 mm x 164.7 mm x 17.7 mm)


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Contains a 8,000 mAh internal battery


WARNING: Cancer & Reproductive Harm www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

Quick-Start Guide 
9" Charging Cable
Customer Questions
How do I wirelessly charge my Qi-enabled smartphone with the powerstation all-in-one?

After fully charging the powerstation all-in-one portable battery, place your Qi-enabled smartphone on top of it. Make sure the center of the device is aligned over the mophie logo on top of the battery. Then press the battery’s status button to activate wireless charging.

Can I recharge the powerstation all-in-one battery from a computer’s USB port?

For best results, do not attempt to recharge the powerstation all-in-one portable battery from a computer’s USB port. For faster recharging we recommend connecting the battery’s USB-C input port to a USB-C PD wall charger.

Will the powerstation all-in-one battery charge my tablet or wearable?

Yes, the powerstation all-in-one includes an Apple Watch charger! The powerstation all-in-one also has a USB charging ports that are compatible with wired devices, like a tablet, and wearables, like your AirPods.

Can I charge my device while recharging the powerstation all-in-one battery?

Yes. When you’re recharging your powerstation all-in-one portable battery via its USB-C port, you can still charge a device wirelessly through the wireless charger, your Apple Watch, as well as another device through the USB-A Port. We highly recommend using a USB-C PD Wall Charger that has at least 18W output when charging a device while recharging the powerstation all-in-one battery.

Can I charge multiple devices at once with the powerstation all-in-one battery?

You bet! You can place a Qi-enabled wireless device on powerstation all-in-one battery’s wireless charging surface, charge your Apple Watch, and connect two more devices to its USB-A and USB-C charge ports at the same time. Press the battery’s status button for 3 seconds to begin charging both devices.

How can I tell how much charge my powerstation all-in-one battery has?

Momentarily press the status button on your powerstation all-in-one portable battery and the status LEDs will indicate its charge level. Four LEDs means that the battery is fully charged, while one LED means that it’s almost empty. Know before you go!

How do I recharge my powerstation all-in-one battery?

The powerstation all-in-one portable battery feature a USB-C input port. Simply connect the supplied USB-C cable to the battery’s USB-C port and the other end to a compatible wall charger. We recommend using a USB-C PD Wall Charger.

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powerstation all-in-one

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