A Worldwide Leader in Impact and Screen Protection

  • A Worldwide Leader in Impact and Screen Protection


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Tempered Glass

glass curve elite

Curved Impact & Scratch Protection

Smooth, tempered glass plus a shock absorbent layer make this the strongest glass curve screen protection we have created.

  • High-Definition Clarity
  • Custom Curved Fit
  • Case-friendly Fit
  • Shock Absorbent Layer

Scratch Resistance

Impact Resistance

Touch Sensitivity



Smooth Glass Feel

Smudge Resistance

Starts at €29.99

Premium Film


High-Definition Protection

Military Grade, premium scratch protection with high-definition clarity that helps preserve every pixel.

  • Self Healing
  • High-Definition Clarity

Scratch Resistance

Impact Resistance

Touch Sensitivity



Smooth Glass Feel

Smudge Resistance

Starts at €19.99

The Industry Leader in Screen Protection

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Worry-Free Limited Lifetime Warranty

If your InvisibleShield ever gets worn or damaged, we'll replace it for as long as you own your device — no questions asked. With InvisibleShield and our trusted warranty by your device's side, screen damage doesn't stand a chance.

High-Definition Clarity

Engineered to Disappear

InvisibleShield is designed to work flawlessly with the enhanced optics of your device's screen. Its 100% clarity rating means screen protection that's so clear, you won't even know it's there

Oil Resistant

Smudge Resistant and Easy to Clean

Staying in touch means touching our screens — a lot. So we designed a long-lasting, oil-resistant design to keep your screen resilient against smudges and fingerprints. Effortless and easy to clean, InvisibleShield helps keep your screen pristine.

Military Grade

Protection That's Everyday Strong

Durable materials originally designed to protect military helicopter blades deliver unparalleled impact, scratch, and smudge protection that’s tough enough for whatever the day brings.

Precision Touch Sensitivity

Smooth and Seamless

InvisibleShield gives you the same remarkable responsiveness of an unprotected screen thanks to its meticulously designed composition, blending in with the rest of your screen and protecting every pixel without ever getting in the way.

Easy Application

Smooth and Bubble-free Application

Applying screen protection shouldn’t take an advanced degree, so we’ve made the process worry free. With our patented EZ Apply® tabs, application is smooth, seamless, and accurate – every time.