Wireless Charging Designed for You

With mophie’s suite of wireless products, charging is not only simplified, it's designed to complement your life.


Designed to Power Inspiration

A well-designed product is always the endgame. mophie’s in-house design team selects materials that have the right combination of aesthetics and durability. Materials are vetted for durability as well as high quality looks. Our team draws inspiration from nature, art, technology, and fashion. Our design philosophy follows a minimal aesthetic that blends clean lines and premium materials. Not only should it charge your phone fast, it should look good doing it and last for many more charges to come.

Minimalistic Design


Premium Materials




Minimalistic Design

Clean lines and sharp materials let our wireless products shine without overpowering the devices they power. We want our accessories to complement your devices in the best way possible. Plus, keeping our designs clean means we can always focus on what really matters: providing reliable power.


Fastest Wireless Charging Speeds

mophie’s wireless products are optimized for Apple and Samsung Fast Charge. Some of our wireless accessories offer up to 15W of power. That means our devices charge your smartphone faster than the average 5W wall charger.

5w Charging Speed

Typical Charging Speed

mophie Charging Speed

mophie Charging Speed

Check with your device’s user manual for wireless charging speeds.


The Ease and Convenience of Wireless

The days of rummaging for a charging cable and camping by a wall outlet are over. Charging your smartphone is as easy as placing it on a charging pad. mophie’s line of wireless products let you charge wirelessly at home, at work, or while you’re on-the-go.

Limitless Productivity

Limitless Productivity

Whether you charge at home or at the office, mophie’s wireless pads and stands keep your devices ready for anything your day throws at you.



Stay out of the red on road trips or any other adventure. Our compact portable chargers and vent mount keep you powered regardless of your destination.

Outlast the Day

Outlast the Day

Stay powered past sunset with portable wireless power banks that give you a boost of power no matter how late you stay out.


Power for More Than Just Your Phone

You carry more than just a phone so mophie’s wireless charging accessories power more than your phone. Our line of wireless products includes multi-device chargers and universal Qi compatibility, so nothing gets left behind. Go ahead and charge your smartphone, wireless earbuds, and smart watch all with one device.

Charge your devices when you travel

Need to charge two or more smartphones? Easily charge more devices with our multi-device pads. The 3-in-1 travel charger makes it easy to consolidate your charging needs.

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AirPods and Apple Watch Compatible

Conveniently charge all your essentials. mophie’s wireless line includes wireless charging options for AirPods and Apple Watch. It has never been easier to charge all your devices in one place.

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Apple, Google, Samsung, and Everything In Between

Our wireless accessories aren’t limited by brand. Any Qi-enabled smartphone or accessory is compatible.

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Compatibility and Safety

iPhone 8 , iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone Xr, iPhone X, iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, iPhone SE, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max

Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+, Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+, Galaxy Note10, Galaxy Note 10+, Galaxy S20/ S20 5G Galaxy S20+/S20+ 5G, Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G, Galaxy Note20 5G, Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G
Apple Watch Series 6 / 5 / 4 , Apple Watch SE, Apple Watch Series 3, Apple Watch Series 2, Apple Watch Series 1
Airpods Pro case with wireless charging

Digital Power Management circuitry prevents over-charging and controls temperature to prevent overheating. The low standby current ensures minimal power draw when the charge stream product is not in use.

If a metallic foreign object, like keys or loose change, is detected on the charging surface, the charge stream product will not provide power. An LED light will flash continuously until the object is removed.

The wireless signal from an inductive charger is harmless and does not extend into the air around it. In fact, your smartphone has to be in physical contact with the charger to receive power.

Safety is our top priority at mophie. In order to ensure all mophie products operate safely and efficiently we adhere to strict testing guidelines and safety certifications.
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