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Who is ZAGG?

We are the creators of mobile solutions that let people live life to the fullest. An international house of brands under one roof; one that is constantly growing to fulfill the dream of living the best connected life possible through mobile technology

Our brands are household names in the mobile world: ZAGG, InvisibleShield, Gear4, and mophie. From screen protection to portable power, we have the mobile world covered!

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Why Work at ZAGG?

We are innovators. The first iPhone screen protection? That was us. The first mobile battery case? That was us, too. We aren't just industry followers, we are industry leaders—constantly pioneering new frontiers in the mobile world. When you're at ZAGG, you're with a company that invents product categories, not just works in them.


Cultural Beliefs

Our cultural beliefs influence everything we do. They are the north stars that lead us to create industry-leading products and a culture of excitement, innovation and mutual respect.

ZAGG Core Beliefs

Be Brave

We have the courage to give feedback and communicate directly to get things done. We listen respectfully and speak candidly to solve problems.

Be Better

We relentlessly pursue opportunities to improve ourselves and our company. We keep a beta mentality knowing that greatness is a continuous process.

Be Accountable

When we see an opportunity, we own it and do it. We stay true to our principles, own up to things, and celebrate others’ success.

Reach Out

We reach across boundaries to collaborate and create alignment. We believe in working cross-team, cross-company, and across continents 
to get things done.

Take Charge

We boldly make informed, courageous decisions. And we take the necessary risks to act without fear of failure.


We learn fast, move fast, and deliver. We work in a lightning fast world and industry, and thrive only as we stay ahead of the curve.

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We’re a tight-knit team built on the passion of building mobile solutions. At ZAGG, we create an environment where our employees feel like nothing can hold them back. We strive to create a collaborative work environment where everyone has a voice.

Celebrating and uniting as employees is important to us, and we strive to include everyone in the inner workings of our company. We enjoy outings together, as well as lively company meetings and holiday parties.


Our offices are located in dynamic cities with lots of opportunities for work and recreation—beautiful landscapes, active night life, and myriads of activities for every kind of interest.

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Join the ZAGG Family

We’re always looking for talented, passionate people to join the ZAGG team.

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