Experience the Strength of Liquid

Enjoy clear, simple screen protection and an unbeatable repair guarantee with Liquid Defense+.

How Liquid Defense+ Works

Liquid Defense+ strengthens your screen against abrasions and scratches without changing the look and feel of your phone.

Nano technology fills in the valleys of your device’s screen on a microscopic level, leaving your phone strong and smooth.

Screen Repair Included

Liquid Defense+ includes a $150 screen repair guarantee. To take advantage of it, certify your product within 30 days of purchase. Click the “Certify Your Product” button below to start.

If you need to get your screen repaired, we recommend taking your device to an approved facility. Click on the “Find a Repair Shop” link below to find one. Once your device is repaired, click on “Submit a Claim” and follow the steps to finish.

*Terms and conditions apply. US residents only. See full details