power amp 12

Portable Charger and Flashlight
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  • 12000mAh of portable power give you up to four phone charges so you’ll never miss an update due to a dead battery again.
  • Quick Chip™ Technology features a unique microchip that detects what kind of device you have and adapts to provide the fastest charge possible.
  • Dual 2.4A USB ports deliver ultra-fast, pass-through charging so you can power up faster and stay connected longer – even if your Power Amp is plugged in.
  • A bright LED flashlight brightens any situation and lights the way in the dark when you’re playing late.
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Avoid the pain of not being connected. The new ZAGG Power Amp 12 keeps you up to speed by delivering 12000mAh of power everywhere you go – that’s enough to charge most phones four times. And with two USB ports that each deliver high-speed 2.4A power, you can keep your devices charged, or share the portable power with a friend so you never miss an update. Plus, when you’re playing late, the Power Amp 12 features a bright LED flashlight to light the way.



Power to Keep You Connected

12000mAh of portable power deliver at least four full smartphone charges to keep you connected longer.

Charge Smarter, Faster

Quick Chip Technology instantly recognizes hundreds of devices and automatically delivers the fastest charge to each one.

Charge While You’re Charging

Dual 2.4A USB ports deliver fast, pass-through charging so you can charge quickly, even when your Power Amp is plugged in.

Light the Night

The bright LED flashlight lights the way while you charge or delivers a handy light anytime you need.

Reviews & Questions

Reviews & Questions