Waterproof Case

waterproof case

For NOW CAM Social Video Camera

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  • Waterproof up to two meters (six feet) for 30 minutes.
  • Polycarbonate case for extreme impact protection.
  • Maintains access to all your Now Cam’s features.
  • Glass lens cover ensures clear pictures and video.
  • Mounting magnet attaches to any secure metal surface.
  • Works seamlessly with the Now Cam Bar Mount.

Introducing the

waterproof case

The Now Cam Waterproof Case lets you capture memories anywhere – even underwater. Enclose your Now Cam inside for extreme, waterproof protection* that maintains access to all your camera’s features and includes a scratch-resistant glass lens cover to ensure you always get the clearest pictures. The case also includes a mounting magnet so it can still be attached to virtually any metallic surface – and it works seamlessly with the Now Cam Bar Mount (sold separately) so you never miss capturing a memory again.

*Waterproof up to two meters for 30 minutes.


Tech Specs


In the package

1 ZAGG Now Cam waterproof case

The waterproof seal

lets you recored your memories underwater. The case protects from water damage up to two meters (6 feet) for 30 minutes.

The polycarbonate case

delivers extreme impact protection and provides access to all of your Now Cam's features - including the speaker.

The glass lens cover

resists scratches and ensures you always get super clear pictures.

A mounting magnet

lets you use the Waterproof Case seamlessly with the Now Cam Bar Mount (not included), or on any secure metal surface.




The glass lens cover

is 100% clear and scratch resistant so you never have to worry about the case disrupting your pictures and videos.

The waterproof seal

lets you take your Now Cam underwater and still be able to capture your memories.

The polycarbonate case

provides extreme impact protection so you can adventure with your Now Cam anywhere and keep your phone safely tucked away.

A built-in mounting magnet

helps you position your Now Cam virtually anywhere - plus it works seamlessly with the Now Cam Bar Mount (sold seperately).

A convenient dial

lets you choose whatever camera mode works best for you - and still delivers waterproof protection.

Reviews & Questions

Reviews & Questions