power amp 18

Portable Charger and Flashlight
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  • 18000mAh of portable power streams out of three universal USB ports to deliver up to six charges for your smartphone and other devices.
  • Pass-through, 2.4A power lets you charge your devices faster – even with your Power Amp plugged in.
  • Quick Chip™ Technology instantly recognizes hundreds of devices and automatically delivers the fastest charge to each of them.
  • The built-in LED flashlight lights the way when you play at night or when you just need some extra light.
  • The lantern and emergency beacon functions are perfect for lighting a tent or attracting attention when you need it.
  • A durable silicone strap attaches to the body of the Power Amp 18, creating the perfect solution for simple cable management.
  • Made of aluminum, covered in silicone, the Power Amp 18 goes anywhere to deliver the fastest charge to your devices.
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Meet the

Power Amp 18

The new ZAGG Power Amp 18 is rugged power that’s ideal for every adventure. Other batteries, while powerful, aren’t designed for use outside the office, home, or car; but the Power Amp 18 is made of durable aluminum and covered in silicone, so it can go everywhere with you. It’s about time you had confidence that your backup battery will withstand your journey.

*Charges based on an 1800mAh battery.




Charge Smarter, Faster

With 18000mAh of stored power, and three super-fast 2.4A outlets, you can charge your smartphone up to six times, anywhere. Speaking of fast, Quick Chip Technology automatically recognizes hundreds of devices and delivers the fastest charge to each.

Three LED Flashlight Functions

The super-bright LED flashlight is powerful enough to light up any tent or trail, and also features an added lantern function. The flashlight can also change to an emergency beacon when you really need to attract attention.

Built-In Cable Management

A unique silicone strap attaches to the Power Amp’s body so you can hang your power and light wherever you need it. Use the strap to secure your cables so they’re always ready to keep your favorite devices powered, or attach your keys to it for convenient storage.

Take it Anywhere

With an aluminum case that’s covered in silicone, you can take your Power Amp 18 anywhere knowing it will deliver the power you need to stay connected.

Reviews & Questions

Reviews & Questions