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Bluetooth Keyboard

Enjoy natural typing on iOS, Android, or Windows operating systems with the most versatile Bluetooth® keyboard available.

  • Portable
  • Ultra-thin
  • Long Battery Life
  • Ergonomic
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One keyboard for all your devices

Pairs easily to virtually any device on any operating system. Simply flip a switch to choose your device's operating system.

Type Faster and Get More Done

  • Type faster and more naturally on traditional island-style keys.
  • Enjoy lasting comfort from the Universal's unique ergonomic design.
  • Be more efficient with dedicated special function keys.
  • Avoid typos while enjoying the spacious keyboard layout.

A Case and a Stand All In One

  • Protect your Universal keyboard from dust and dings no matter where you take it while maintaining portability with the convenient slide-on case.
  • Work anywhere on the built in stand that secures and fits most tablets or smartphones.

Thin Design Keeps You Mobile

The Universal is thinner than most laptop computers — that's easy portability.
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