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Stay Charged Up With the Leader in Portable Power Banks and #1 Selling Mobile Battery Case #StayPowerful

Wireless Charging Accessories

Wireless Charging

Our wireless charging docks and portable batteries offer safe, fast charging for your home or office.

Power Banks

Power Banks

Featuring fast-charging capabilities and integrated cables, our power banks offer a boost of power when you need it most.

Wall and Car Chargers

Wall and Car Chargers

GaN technology is having a huge impact on 5G equipment and superfast charging. Now you can get faster power in a smaller charger.

mophie Wireless Charging


What Is PD charging?

Technology that enables your device to take on more power in a shorter amount of time.

mophie Advantage

The mophie Advantage

For more than a decade, mophie has maintained its position as the top mobile power brand worldwide.

Pairs Friendly With


Working Towards a Sustainable Future

Learn about what we’re doing to reduce our carbon impact and make constructive change.