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Protected by One of the Strongest Materials on Earth

Our iPhone 15 Pro cases are made with Graphene, a strong material developed by physicists and used in the fields of aviation, aerospace, and Formula 1 racing.

Graphene’s atomic structure makes it 200 times stronger than steel and more flexible than rubber. That means your phone case is super protective—able to withstand drops of up to 20 feet—without being stiff or bulky. Graphene also dissipates heat really well, which keeps your iPhone battery and processor cool. With Graphene's strength, flexibility, and cooling abilities, we were able to create iPhone 15 Pro cases that are the first of their kind.

Discover the power of Graphene

Say Goodbye to Bulky and Boring

Bulky doesn't mean protected. And protected doesn’t mean boring.

Our iPhone 15 Pro cases are ultra-safe and ultra-slim thanks to the durability and protection of the materials they’re made with. Browse cases in a variety of colors and designs, designed to match your vibe. Plus, every case is MagSafe compatible and comes equipped with Snap to simplify mounting and charging on the go.

Antimicrobial Treatment

Your phone goes everywhere with you. That means it’s going to get dirty.

Fortunately, all of our iPhone 15 Pro cases have antimicrobial properties to protect your health and your phone.The antimicrobial treatment stops microorganisms that damage your case, while also eliminating odor-causing bacteria.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

All of our iPhone 15 Pro cases come with ZAGG’s limited lifetime warranty. So if your case is damaged or wears down while you have your iPhone 15 Pro, we’ll replace it free of charge. Don’t waste any more money on cheap phone cases. Buy smarter with a ZAGG iPhone 15 Pro case.

Learn more about our limited lifetime warranty

iPhone 15 Pro Cases FAQs

No. For full protection, you need a case made specifically for the iPhone 15 Pro. Cases meant for the iPhone 14 Pro will not provide a proper fit and could be limited in the protection they provide to your new iPhone.
ZAGG iPhone 15 Pro cases are made from eco-friendly, post-consumer recycled plastics. Our cases are also made with Graphene, one of the strongest materials on earth, to provide ultimate protection to your new iPhone 15 Pro.
ZAGG offers a limited lifetime warranty on all iPhone 15 Pro cases. This means if your case wears out or gets damaged during the life of your iPhone 15 Pro, ZAGG will replace it for free. Learn more about our limited lifetime warranty policy.