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Protection for Your Eyes

We make our iPhone 15 Plus screen protectors with EyeSafe®, which filters blue light without sacrificing the vibrant colors you enjoy. EyeSafe® technology prevents common problems associated with prolonged blue light exposure, from sleep deprivation to headaches and eye strain.

Learn more about EyeSafe®'s blue light filtering technology.

Stronger than Traditional Screen Protection

Our Glass Elite screen protectors for the iPhone 15 Plus offer five times more protection than traditional screen protectors and are made with ion exchange technology for ultimate scratch-resistance.

Want something even stronger? Our new line of XTR3 screen protectors equip your phone with the most advanced scratch and shatter resistance available — all thanks to Hexiom Impact Technology. Glass XTR3 iPhone 15 Plus screen protectors are 10 times stronger than traditional screen protectors, thanks to this incredible technology.

Easy to Install on Your Own

Keep your phone’s display free of smudges and cracks without the stress. Our EZ Apply® installation process helps you perfectly align the screen protector with your iPhone 15 Plus on the first try.

See EZ Apply® in action.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

ZAGG warrants device-specific products against regular wear and damage. Register your product at the time of purchase and enjoy free replacement on InvisibleShield screen protectors for as long as you own your iPhone 15 Plus.

Explore our limited lifetime warranty policies.

iPhone 15 Plus Screen Protectors FAQ

ZAGG iPhone 15 screen protectors are made with materials to protect you, the environment, and of course, your phone. They contain up to 30% recycled glass, antimicrobial properties, and tempered glass that’s at least five times stronger than traditional phone protectors.
As long as you own your device, ZAGG InvisibleShield iPhone 15 Plus screen protectors are eligible for free replacement. Whether it’s cracked, shattered, or scratched, we make it simple to file a claim and get a free replacement screen protector.