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Stronger than the Competition

ZAGG’s Pixel 8 screen protectors are at least five times stronger than traditional screen protectors. You read that right.

The XTR3 line of screen protectors is even stronger, thanks to hexiom impact technology, which absorbs impact and disperses energy. Because we think you should worry less about scratching or cracking your phone and focus more on what you love. Plus, select models come with anti-microbial treatments that guard against microorganisms and bacteria.

Created with Your Eyes in Mind

Innovative technology that protects your screen and your eyes.

Prolonged exposure to blue light can cause sleep issues, headaches, and eye strain. That’s why ZAGG’s Pixel 8 screen protectors feature EyeSafe,a cutting edge blue light filtering technology. EyeSafe reduces the impact of blue light without sacraficing the display quality on your Pixel 8.

Learn more about EyeSafe technology

Install It Right on the First Try

Take the guesswork out of installing your Pixel 8 screen protector.

ZAGG’s InvisibleShield EZ Apply installation kit makes it fast and easy to apply your screen protector. Get the perfect fit in seconds.

See EZ Apply in action

Pixel 8 Screen Protector FAQs

Most of our Google Pixel 8 screen protectors feature tempered glass construction. Our most technologically advanced screen protector, XTR3, uses hexiom impact technology for full edge-to-edge protection.
Register your Pixel 8 screen protector through a ZAGG account for easy replacement via a warranty claim. All ZAGG InvisibleShield screen protectors offer a limited lifetime warranty from the date of purchase for as long as you own your phone.