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Made with One of the Strongest Materials on Earth

Graphene is one of the world’s strongest materials. It’s harder than diamond yet more flexible than rubber—and our Pixel 8 cases are made with it.

Google Pixel 8 phone cases made with Graphene are unparalleled in their durability, with drop protection up to 13 feet (5 meters). Plus, Graphene is ultra efficient at dissipating heat, which extends the life of your phone’s battery and processor.

Discover the wonders of Graphene

Anti-Microbial Treatment

Phones get filthy, and not in ways you can see.

ZAGG’s Pixel 8 cases with anti-microbial treatment inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria and damaging microorganisms.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

If your Pixel 8 case is damaged, ZAGG’s limited lifetime warranty provides free replacements as long as you own your device. All you need to do is register your product at ZAGG.com.

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Pixel 8 Case FAQs

All Gear4 Pixel 8 phone cases are compatible with wireless charging.
Pixel 8 cases will not fit on Pixel 7 devices. You must purchase a new case due to changes in the device’s size and shape.
ZAGG’s Google Pixel 8 cases are made with up to 100% post-consumer recycled materials. Some cases, like the Denali, have been fortified with Graphene, the strongest material available.
The ZAGG limited lifetime warranty applies to Google Pixel 8 cases. You must register your product at ZAGG.com prior to filing a claim. The warranty will provide full replacement for damaged cases that have been registered from the purchase date for as long as you own the device.