The Future of Charging

Magnetic Charging

Transforming the way you power up with MagSafe and Qi2 magnetic charging technologies.

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How Does Magnetic Charging Work?

Magnetic charging employs magnets to connect a charging pad to devices such as iPhones, Apple Watches, AirPods, and Qi-enabled devices. When brought close, the magnets in the charging pad and device create a perfect alignment so power can flow freely between the two, eliminating the need for precise plug-ins. This method offers a convenient and user-friendly way to power up devices.

Apple's MagSafe

MagSafe, Apple's cutting-edge proprietary magnetic technology, debuted with the iPhone 12, offering lightning-fast wireless charging at an impressive 15W. MagSafe utilizes magnetic alignment, guaranteeing your phone receives the optimal and swiftest charging experience.

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Meet Qi2

Qi, the widely adopted wireless charging standard by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), has recently unveiled Qi2. As of January 2023, Qi2 brings the fastest magnetic charging for WPC-approved devices, delivering a rapid 15W charge and magnetic alignment to a broader range of devices beyond just Apple products.


Benefits of Qi2 & MagSafe

Magnetic Alignment

In the past, if your phone shifted on the wireless charger you could lose the charge signal. MagSafe and the new magnetic Qi2 ensure your phone snaps into place and stays there.

Fast Charging

The new Qi2 is faster. Qi2 can deliver up to 15W which means much faster charging than the old 5W delivery. Qi2 also creates less heat when transferring wireless power.

Magnetic Accessories

Qi2 and MagSafe enabled devices are also compatible with snap-on magnetic accessories like wallets, kickstands, and ring mounts.

Standard Qi Charging New Qi2 Charging MagSafe Charging
Power Output Up to 15W (7.5W for iOS) Up to 15W Up to 15W
Magnetic No Yes Yes
Compatibility Any Wireless Device WPC Approved Devices iPhone 12-Current

Attach Here, There, and Everywhere

At Home or the Office

Upgrade your wireless charging game. Charge your phone, watch, and earbuds with the 3-in-1 extendable stand. It holds your devices magnetically and securely above the surface clutter, and it fits well on a desk or nightstand.

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In the Car

Magnetic vent mounts are convenient and secure. Charge your phone with the mophie snap+ magnetic charging vent mount, or just keep your phone in line of sight with the snap+ magnetic vent mount. Hands-free viewing and wireless charging in your car has never been easier.

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Always have back-up power with you. mophie magnetic charging accessories, like the snap+ powerstation mini with stand, snap to the back of your phone to give you a full charge. Never miss a show, a call, or a message again.

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Impact Protection
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Cases with Wireless Charging

Wireless charging compatible cases are a must when charging your phone with wireless magnetic chargers.

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