One of the Strongest Materials on Earth
And now it protects your phone

Protection Is Our Promise

Innovation is in our DNA. At ZAGG, we’re constantly searching for technology that will protect your device better while making it easier and more enjoyable to use. That quest has led us to Graphene. Graphene is incredibly lightweight, so ZAGG cases can remain slim and easy to carry while providing amazing drop protection. Plus, their anti-microbial and anti-yellowing properties protect your case from bacteria causing odors and degradation.     Even with all that graphene protection, ZAGG cases are MagSafe compatible so you can still enjoy fast and convenient wireless charging. 

What is Graphene

Graphene was finally isolated in 2004 by scientists Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov at the University of Manchester. The scientists used Scotch tape to slowly peel away layer after layer of graphite to create a single sheet of carbon material that’s extremely lightweight and strong.    Geim and Novoselov’s discovery was so groundbreaking, they received the Nobel Prize in Physics for it in 2010.  

Why a Phone Case with Graphene Is a Smart Choice

  • Extreme Strength: 200x stronger than steel and harder than diamond.(1)

  • Amazingly Flexible: Graphene provides flexible strength that doesn’t add bulk.

  • Incredible Weight and Thinness: Graphene is a one-atom-thick carbon layer that won’t weigh you down.

Unparalleled Strength

What makes graphene the ultimate material for phone protection? Because it’s up to 200x stronger than steel and harder than diamond, dropping your device is no longer the nightmare it used to be.     Whether it’s on carpet, concrete, or tile, ZAGG’s s containing graphene protect your phone from accidental drops of up to 13 feet.  

Sleek and Strong

Because it’s incredibly thin and lightweight, graphene effectively protects your phone without requiring a thick and clunky case.     Combined with the strength of the material, ZAGG’s phone cases containing graphene allow you to protect your device without feeling like you’re holding a brick.

Extreme Impact Protection Doesn’t Have to Be Bulky

Extreme Impact Protection Doesn’t Have to Be Bulky

Industry-Leading Innovators Use Graphene

Leading innovators in the fields of aerospace, aviation, military, professional sports, and  electric vehicles are incorporating graphene into their products. 

  • Aerospace: Graphene’s unique strength, lightness, and flexibility make it an excellent material for the challenges of space travel.

  • Pro Sports: Graphene adds strength to sports equipment, like tennis rackets and shoes, without adding bulk.

  • Electric Vehicles: Graphene has the potential to help manufacturers create more lightweight EV batteries.

  • Aviation: Graphene shields aircraft surfaces from electrical damage and reduces weight, making lighter, more stable planes.

  • Military: Graphene’s military implications include lightweight, high-strength body armor and protection for soldiers.

Get Ultimate Protection with a Phone Case Containing Graphene

Your device deserves the best protection possible. ZAGG phone cases containing graphene offer exceptional strength and flexibility with a sleek and modern aesthetic.   Backed up by a limited lifetime warranty, ZAGG’s MagSafe compatible phone cases containing graphene are tough enough to protect your phone on all of life’s adventures, so you can worry less and live more.   Shop all cases with graphene today. 

Graphene Phone Case FAQs

Graphene is extremely strong. Its strength can withstand about 100 Gigapascals of force before it breaks, making it one of the strongest materials ever measured.
Graphene is used in many applications thanks to its unique properties. Its durability and lightness make it excellent for composite materials, like phone cases. Additionally, it’s used in electronics for its excellent conductivity and in the energy sector for batteries and solar cells. Finally, it even has aerospace and military applications for its strength. 

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