About Us

ZAGG Brands is a global leader in accessories and technologies that empower mobile lifestyles. Our award-winning product portfolio includes screen protection, power management solutions, mobile keyboards, cases and personal audio. Regardless of our success, ZAGG Brands remains a scrappy, entrepreneurial company at heart that seeks to earn your trust every day.

Woman taking a picture

Live Fearlessly

InvisibleShield is the industry standard and #1 selling mobile screen protector. As the original category creator of mobile screen protection, we provide premium, lifetime protection for mobile device screens against shattering or scratching through military-grade solutions. Every day, we provide peace of mind and empower people to enjoy their mobile devices fearlessly.

iPhone X charging on a wireless charging base

Power for All

mophie, the #1 selling battery case manufacturer and the #1 external battery brand in the US, is a California-based, award-winning designer and manufacturer that empowers the mobile world to Stay Powerful. Widely acclaimed for innovative mobile solutions, mophie is the proud developer of the original juice pack. mophie products are recognized for style and engineered for performance, providing a seamless integration of hardware, software and design.

Someone using a tablet with a ZAGG keyboard

Life Unleashed

ZAGG is driving the mobile lifestyle forward with products that allow customers to be productive and connected at work and at play. Our products free people from the confines of the traditional workplace and make it so “getting away” doesn’t mean being disconnected. We support the communicators, commuters, and creators who live a life unleashed.

A man putting a Braven earbud into his ear

Toughest, Most Talented Audio on the Planet

Audio geniuses by profession, outdoor adventurists by passion: BRAVEN creates high-end sound that can go anywhere, empowering people to bravely explore the great outdoors. Our products are field-tested in the Rocky Mountains and intensify every outdoor experience from biking down mountains to jumping into a lake after a trail run. We celebrate bravery and pushing beyond personal limits.

Girl listening to music

Sound of Freedom

IFROGZ believes everyone deserves high quality headphones and earbuds. That’s why we took what’s good in audio—like dual drivers, wireless control features, water-resistance and noise-reduction—and removed all the extras that needlessly drive up the price, like the hype and celebrity endorsements. Now, rich sound is accessible to everyone.

Someone holding a phone with a Gear4 case

Ultimate Impact Protection

Gear4 is the #1 impact protection case brand in the U.K. Our tough, stylish cases feature D3O®, the market-leading impact protection material. Now established in over 40 countries, Gear4 has satisfied millions of consumers world-wide who demand reliable protection and upscale design. We meet the impeccable standards of British engineering and innovation and deliver unique, well-designed products that protect your most precious devices.

Halo Bolt

Power Your Life

HALO designs and develops clever, innovative products that make consumers’ lives easier. As the influence of consumer electronics continues to grow, HALO’s goal is to continually ensure that the accessories you pair with these everyday products are not only practical but aesthetically pleasing. Everyone deserves reliable solutions that also reflect their unique taste.