Glass XTR2

Advanced, Edge-to-Edge Protection with Anti-Reflective Finish and Anti-Dust Adhesive

for iPhone 14 Pro

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This is our strongest, most advanced screen protection ever. Glass XTR2 is made with Hexiom impact technology making it 10% stronger than its predecessor.* This seamless, edge-to-edge screen protector also has anti-reflective technology for better optics. Its ultra-smooth surface allows for frictionless swiping and maximum touch sensitivity. And we’ve finished it off with an anti-dust adhesive.

Glass XTR2 + ZAGG Screen Repair Guarantee provides a one-time screen repair up to $250 if your phone screen happens to get damaged with the screen protector on your device.The plan is valid for up to one year from the date of purchase per device. †
Limited Lifetime WarrantyFor device-specific products, we warrant the product against wear and damage during the lifetime of the device for which the product was purchased.

Worry-Free Limited Lifetime Warranty

InvisibleShield is backed by our famous limited lifetime warranty. If your InvisibleShield ever gets worn or damaged, we’ll replace it for as long as you own your device.

The Best Just Got Better

The strongest screen protection just got stronger. Glass XTR2 is made with Hexiom impact technology that makes 10% stronger than its predecessor.* We’ve also added an enhanced anti-reflective technology that enhances color vibrancy and depth. Glass XTR2 is ideal for gamers with an ultra-smooth, touch-sensitive surface that reduces friction as you move your finger across the screen. And finally, we added an anti-dust adhesive that installs smoothly over most dust, making it practically invisible. Glass XTR2 sets a new premium standard for screen protection.

Stronger Than Ever

Glass XTR2 is 10% stronger than its predecessor, XTR.* Glass XTR2 is made with shock-absorbing Hexiom impact technology. Micro hexagons bond together to disperse energy and impact forces, making XTR2 the strongest, most advanced screen protector ever.

Anti-reflective Technology

This new screen treatment significantly decreases surface reflections and increases the light transmitted to improve screen clarity and color vibrance, making dark colors deeper and bright colors more vivid.

Makes Dust Virtually Invisible

Our revolutionary new adhesive installs smoothly over most dust, so even if a few particles get on your screen during installation, they should be virtually invisible.

Seamless, Edge-to-Edge Protection

Glass XTR2 is full edge-to-edge protection, including coverage over the notch, for uninterrupted protection. So, there’s nothing to slow you down as you swipe across the screen.

Ultra-Smooth, Touch-Sensitive Surface

Glass XTR2 has been optimized for gamers. Its ultra-smooth surface enables fast, frictionless swiping, and it has maximum touch sensitivity, so it registers every tap and swipe.

Enhanced Blue Light Filtration

We depend on our digital devices for almost everything. But prolonged exposure to blue light, emanating from our screens, can contribute to digital eyestrain. Glass XTR2 has an enhanced Eyesafe® layer that filters 40% of intense blue light (435-440nm)

Anti-microbial Treatment Protects Your Screen Protector

Glass XTR2 contains anti-microbial treatment that protects the screen protector by inhibiting the growth of odor-causing bacteria and guarding against degradation from microorganisms.

Easy Application

Our EZ Apply® installation process makes it easy, so you get perfect alignment the first time.

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In a World of Sharp Corners and Hard Surfaces…

…anything can happen, so we have taken protection one step further. In the extremely unlikely event your screen is damaged with the Glass XTR2 screen protector on it, our ZAGG Screen Repair Guarantee provides one-year, one-time coverage for up to $250 in screen repair costs.† That’s peace-of-mind protection from the hazards of everyday adventure.


Limited Lifetime Warranty


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Self Healing


Glass Like Surface


Shock Resistant



WARNING: Reproductive Harm

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Customer Questions
What products are eligible for HSA/FSA reimbursement?

All ZAGG InvisibleShield® VisionGuard screen protectors with Eyesafe technology are eligible under this program.

Do I need a note from a doctor?

Yes. In order to be reimbursed for your purchase, you will need to submit a Letter of Medical Necessity from an optometrist, ophthalmologist, or other healthcare provider.

You can download the form here, and then ask your healthcare provider to fill it out before you purchase the InvisibleShield VisionGuard, XTR2, or XTR screen protector.

Can any doctor sign the note, or does it have to be an optometrist?

Any health care provider can sign the note. This may include medical doctors, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, chiropractors, and others authorized to write prescriptions under state law (which may vary by state).

What do I submit to get my reimbursement?

If you have an HSA, you will be automatically reimbursed and need not submit a claim.

If you have an FSA account, you should submit a claim form provided by your FSA administrator along with a receipt of purchase of your screen protector and the Letter of Medical Necessity.

Is there a difference between FSAs and HSAs?

Yes. FSA dollars are use-it-or-lose-it, while HSA dollars carry over from year to year. In general, HSAs cover a broader variety of qualified medical expenses than FSAs, but both plans are expected to reimburse your purchase of a VisionGuard screen protector with a receipt and Letter of Medical Necessity.

Purchases with an HSA need not be substantiated by a Third Party Administrator TPA, but a Letter of Medical Necessity may be necessary if the IRS requests evidence of medical expenses in the amount of HSA disbursements (such as during an audit). In all cases, debit cards attached to the account may not allow the purchase, so it will be necessary to obtain reimbursement. You may reimburse expenses from an HSA by using your debit card to withdraw cash from an ATM.

What factors could result in a claim being denied? If my claim is denied, what can I do?

Manual claims are handled by human beings, and errors or lack of training may result in the occasional denial. At that point, you may appeal the denial under rules mandated by the Department of Labor, and the appeal will be reviewed by a second person. When accompanied by a Letter of Medical Necessity and a receipt, we have a high level of confidence that an appeal would overturn a denial made in error.

Do I need to call my plan administrator to ask whether they reimburse expenses for blue light filter screen protectors?


Glass XTR2

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