mophie Mobile Payment Systems

We understand the retail environment. That’s why we’ve created our mobile pay cases to allow you to consolidate the multi-step payment process into one central location. With mobile pay you can complete a sale, take an order, or check in a customer all from one consolidated device.

Why mophie For Retail

As the leader and top mobile power brand worldwide, mophie is recognized by consumers for style, premium design, and performance. mophie has offered full case solutions for mobile payment systems since 2010. In 2017, mophie deployed a mobile pay case system that was implemented by top retailers worldwide. And, in 2019, we deployed the next generation mobile pay case for iPhone X , iPad, Veriphone payment readers, and Ingenico payment readers. As mophie incorporates new features and technologies on our consumer products, we extend those advancements on to every category of products where relevant

charging base

#1 Portable Battery Brand

Portable Battery

phone in a car mount

#1 Wireless Charging Brand

Wireless Charging Pad

phone with a wireless charging power bank

#2 Mobile Battery Case Brand

Mobile Battery Case

The mophie Advantage

Protect Your Investment Icon

Protect Your Investment

Your devices need world-class protection to survive a hectic day.

Ease of Use/Ergonomics Icon

Ease of Use/Ergonomics

Our solutions help seamlessly enhance your staff’s ability to take care of your customers' needs.

Modularity Icon


Mobile pay solutions give you the flexibility to mix and match devices without having to start from scratch.

Charging and Securing Devices Icon

Charging and Securing Devices

mophie charging solutions makes sure staff is ready to go with no down time. With mophie mobile pay charging solutions you can easily dock and charge multiple devices when they’re not in use.

Clean Without Worry Icon

Clean Without Worry

Mobile pay products can withstand standard cleaning chemicals for safe, hygienic use.

Everyday Solutions Icon

Everyday Solutions

mobile pay is adaptable for a variety of industries, such as restaurants and hospitality.


Magnetic, Modular Enterprise Solutions

First to market with this innovative design, mophie’s mobile pay system uses magnets to attach and detach the credit card reader to the iPhone or iPod touch. The user-friendly design allows all types of payment transactions and easy access to the camera when scanning barcodes. The modular case design lets you easily swap out the credit card reader or smartphone for a customizable solution.



Modular Mobile Cases for A Variety of Devices

Featuring a durable, low-profile design, each mobile pay phone case guards iPhones or iPods from the drops and bumps of a hectic sales floor or inventory warehouse. Cases also offer full device functionality and easy access to the device’s cameras quick scanning.

  • Drop Protection
  • Magnetic Connection Points
  • Locking Top Cap
  • Soft-touch Exterior


iPhone SE

iPhone 7/8

iPHone 7/8 Plus

iPhone X/Xs

iPhone 11

iPhone 11 Pro

iPad Touch 6th/7th Gen


Expertly Designed Mobile Payment Reader Cases

mophie’s mobile pay system offers a case for most major credit card readers. The user-friendly design not only protects devices but also allows for all types of payment transactions. Easily protect your investments on the sales floor or rear stock room. Plus, the igneous magnetic design makes attaching the credit card reader to iPhones or iPods a breeze.

  • Drop Protection
  • Magnetic Connection Points
  • Charging Contact Points
  • Soft-touch Exterior


Verifone E280

Verifone E285

Ingenico RP750

Ingenico Link 2500

Ingenico Link 2500i

Ingenico Moby 8500

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Uniquely Designed Accessories to Enhance the Experience

The mophie mobile pay system offers accessories that further simplifies the overall process. From multi-device charging solutions to hands-free clips and lanyards, mobile allows you to take full advantage of your investments.

charging base

Mobile Pay Holster

Conveniently carry devices, pens, notepads, or other items for hands-free mobility.

phone in a car mount

Zebra Battery Cover Adapter

Directly attach a mobile pay case for iPhone/iPod touch to any Zebra RFD8500 scanner.

phone with a wireless charging power bank

Mobile Pay Lanyard

Easily allows associates to carry the mobile pay system around their neck or across their body.

phone with a wireless charging power bank

Mobile Pay Belt Clip

Attach the mobile pay system to a belt or pocket for instant access.


Charging Dock Solutions

Charge your devices from one central location no matter the configuration. The mobile pay multi-device chargers are design to be customizable to meet the requirements of any deployment. Supported devices, number of charging bays, and data sync is customizable upon ordering.


Multi-Device Chargers
Drop In Design

Drop-in Design

Devices easily drop into the charger and begin charging on contact.

Modular Cup Design

Modular Cup Design

A modular cup design means the multi-device charger updated or adjusted without replacing the entire unit.

Charging indicator lights

Charging Indicator Lights

LED lights lets you quickly see your devices are charging.


Rugged Ergonomic Tablet Solutions

mophie mobile pay tablet cases are designed for protection, ease of use and are tailored to enterprise use.


iPad Mini 4

iPad Mini 5

iPad Pro 11”

iPad Pro 11” (2nd Gen)

Adjustable Kickstand

A low profile kickstand can stand the tablet at nearly any angle and works in both landscape and portrait positions.

Rugged Protection

A shock absorbing inner TPU layer and a rigid PC exterior protects the iPad from accidental drops, even on concrete.

Interchangeable, Ergonomic Hand Strap

The neoprene hand strap offers 360° rotations and a comfortable, all-day hold. Plus, each strap is replaceable so every user gets a clean device.

Enabling Your Mobile Tranformation

We understand every business is unique. There isn’t a solution that fits all. That’s why mophie is here to learn about your business’ unique needs. Reach out to us and let us know what matters most to you. We’ll take our learnings and begin to ideate, prototype, and test until we find the unique solution that’s perfect for you.

Let us create the perfect solution for your business.


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